June 2019 in the SSYZ

“Provide a child with an opportunity, and watch them shoot to the stars with it.”

The above video shows just some of the things our youth have done the past three weeks.

Science experiments, character creation, designing/ engineering a boat to solve a problem, and painting with crystals at the East Branch Library (EVPL). Robotics and another engineering puzzle with the Girl Scouts. Then celebrating Summer Solstice with Lindsey from 4H.

Wait a min… you say I missed some things? You are right!

Our youth spent an incredible week out at Toyota for a robotics and coding workshop. The partnership is between EVPL, Wesselman Woods, and our local Toyota plant in Princeton. Together they learned how robotics work in our world, how they are built, how they coded to do jobs, and how animals inspire their movements. The experience was such a possitive one, that most of the youth want to experiment more with robotics and coding, especially our girls!

Erika at EVPL made all the arrangements for us and found transportation to get everyone there. The transportation was a big issue, and these youth would have missed out if it wasn’t for EVPL, EVSC lending the bus, and our wonderful bus driver! Huge THANK YOU!

The kids also did community service by picking up the park, and tending to the community garden. They would like everyone to know the radishes and lettuce are ready to be picked, and the summer squash is going to be incredible! The gardens are free for anyone in the area and located at Tepe Park down by the swings (across the alley). The youth wanted to help solve the problem of fresh food for our neighbors.

Thanks to a partnership with Tri-State Food Bank, we are able to offer our youth, and everyone under 18, in the Tepe Park area, free lunches and snacks at the park three days a week!

Our youth get all of these incredible experiences and opportunities because of the Partnerships with other local organizations, groups, and individuals. Together we are creating something fabulous!

Thank you to our Librarians (EVPL), Girl Scouts, Toyota, Wesselman Woods, 4H, Tri-State Food Bank (Annie!) and our staff for a wonderful kick-off to summer!

About the author: Lisa Barnett