SSYZ Quidditch Practice

This week Quidditch practice started back up this week! The weather wasn’t with us so it was held indoors. It’s a small space to work with but it never slows these kids down!

They spent Dec learning the rules, positions, and how to pass- dodge- tag out others. Yesterday “brooms” were introduced. They had to learn to pass and run while managing their brooms. It’s not as easy as you think, but these kids did awesome!

Physical activity is really important for youth. It can also come in a variety of different forms. The best activities are the ones they are able to chose for themselves. It is because they are more excited and eager to put forth the effort.

Our journey to Quidditch started because we have a lot of Harry Potter fans. We were amazed to find out though, that they didn’t realize Quidditch was a real sport, being played by colleges and schools all over the world. They even have a Quidditch World Cup that takes place every year. Even one of our local colleges,¬†USI, has a Quidditch team!

So their journey began… They watched youttube videos, we talked about how the game is played/ rules, and they were hooked. Quidditch is a pretty demanding sport which was going to require some type of warm-up prior to. So again we left the decision with the kids. What they picked was kind of surprising, Yoga. This is a great idea for their emotional health as well!

We hope you enjoyed the video and we will keep everyone updated as we go!

We’d love to see some other local youth groups in the area pick up the sport! It’s a game any youth can play not matter what their athletic ability is. The equipment is super cheap (you can make most of it), and we even have a training manual from one of the UK Quidditch team that has drills/ plays in it. If your interested in learning more, just contact us!

About the author: Lisa Barnett