First Week Back!

This past Monday, kids have started piling back into our doors for that start of spring session. It didn’t take long for the kids to start getting back into the rhythm of things and catch up with each other after our three week winter break!.

At EVPL East they started exploring the world of plastic and its affects on our planet. That was very eye opening not just to the kids, but also some of the adults. It is also brought up a lot of interesting conversations and changes that each one of us can make to help reduce the problem.

They read two stories, combining visualization, hands-on, and math skills. They also learned about what a Venn Diagram is and how to use it to compare the two books.

On Wed, Junior Achievement came to the East Branch library to work with the kids on money skills and decision making. They will progress in this workshop over the course of several weeks.

The rest of the week we spent prepping for the next leg in their journey…

Working on testing to see where each youth is at skill level wise in reading and math, to ensure we are bringing in the right resources and that we get them to where they need to be.

We started the discovery of Newton’s three laws of physics and the youth started experimenting with the concepts of law 1: an object at rest wants to remain at rest, an object in motion want to remain in motion. That includes the forces that act upon it.

Hands-on exploration of concepts are so critical in information understanding and retention. We learn best trough trial and error, because those lessons become personal to us. We work to provide a variety of ways to incorporate this into the programming we offer.

They started planning the Community Gardens at Tepe Park. We went out and walked the spaces, talking about what we should plant, and why co-planting is important. Pairing plants for mutual benefit such as flowers by vegetables to attract pollinators.

One slight problem: They want to build a small community orchard to go along with the other gardens… There might be some possibilities somewhere in our neighborhood…

Of course you also need to add in some art, strategy games to work-out the mind, and exploration!

We are so happy to be back in session and excited for everything to come!

Be on the look-out for some BIG announcements coming from the Southside Stars Youth Zone over the next few weeks! It’s going to be an awesome year here!


About the author: Lisa Barnett