Now This is a Game Night!!

It has been about a week since we have seen the kids and families. To say that Cathy and I were missing them would be an understatement. It really is amazing how close everyone grows in a program like this! It was always a hope of ours but we never expected it this quickly or this intensely. It’s more than just community, it’s closer to family. At least that is how we see all of them.

A group of our kids learned how to play Clue tonight. We actually got three games in! I personally love the game when you look at it as a team effort vs a competition. They work so well together on the whole!

Art, Checkers, Charades…

…and let’s not forget the parents. There was a wicked game of Jenga that went on for two hours!

Thank you everyone for coming!

We can’t wait for New Years Eve and the start of next session on Jan 7th!! 2019 is going to be AMAZING!


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