Last Week of Fall Session

The Southside Stars Youth Zone (SSYZ) started its after-school program in September and we just wrapped up this past week.

The week was full of visitors, activities, and fun!

Thank you Michelle from Anthem for coming in an teaching the kids about germs and how to stop the spread of them!

Thank you Meredith Maulsby from the Promise Zone for baking cookies, making icing, and working with the kids on learning how to decorate them!

Thank you Paige Hagan from channel 14 news for coming and hanging out with us again! The kids are always excited to see you and chat.

As always, thank you EVPL (Evansville Public Library) for being such a great partner and running two days of our programming!

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To get a full recap of our Fall and what’s coming up this Jan (Spring Session) watch for our next post!!


About the author: Lisa Barnett