Talk About Some Stories!

We get busier and busier every week here at the SSYZ. We are not complaining though, quite the opposite! Absolutely the best job ever!

There are 4 quick stories we’d love to share with everyone:

First we want to give a huge shout out to Joann Hunter at EVPL East. She runs our Monday and Wednesday sessions and does a fantastic job. Recently she added a different kind of movement class and the kids are raving about it. If you are looking for a cool exercise for kids, especially autistic/ ADHD, call up the East library branch and ask Miss Joann!  I’m pretty sure you can rent the video from them too. There is lots of laughter, fun, and energy burning going on at EVPL East!

I will be honest… I am super bad at remembering to take pictures! We get just as caught up in everything as the kids do and the thought “I need to get a picture” just doesn’t come up often (usually the kids remind us to take some because they want to show something off). Hopefully people understand.

We have been working on the concept of perspective as it pertains to a variety of life situations including history. The first steps to empathy are understanding, even though two people may be experiencing the exact same moment, their: beliefs, background, observations, and even personal feelings can make both people tell a completely different story about what happened. Both sides are still the truth from their perspective.

Then we painted!


Yes, we had our first Quidditch practice today! We had several of the kids telling us they weren’t good at sports and they were nervous. We just kept reiterating that getting good at something takes practice and time. We also told them because they are the first youth in the area building a team, they had a jump start on everyone else… Oh how the glee came out at that notion! It wasn’t long before they were getting some of the techniques down. Still time and practice, but we know these kids are going to do great because they are amazing and can do anything they put their minds to!

Lastly, we started the deconstruction of the Tepe Park Clubhouse basement. This space is being transformed into the program’s new home! We had our contractor, families, and some of our older youth there helping.

Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, all were there as volunteers including the kids, being supervised by professionals, and did absolutely awesome!!

It never ceases to amaze us how great these kids are. They were so excited to be able to help. Now part of that could be because they got to tear some stuff up, but let me tell you it was some hard work.

We also got a lot of wonderful surprises that is going to make this space even more fantastic! We can’t wait to share the full story with everyone as we go!

Huge Thank you to Jackie Craig (SSYZ parent and contractor), all our families who pitched in, and our unstoppable youth!

If you’d like to volunteer with us on this project contact either Cathy or Lisa (  812-746-4100). We are working every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


About the author: Lisa Barnett