The Clubhouse…

The Tepe Park Clubhouse is not just the home of the SSYZ, but it’s the reason the SSYZ can exist.

It is our neighborhood’s community center. It’s where neighbors come together to find resources, to connect to each other, and drive neighborhood plans forward for the people who live here. It gives residents a starting point to launch their initiatives and bring more opportunities to the people, in the place they live.

You are probably glancing back at the picture asking how a small building like that can do all these things. It’s because of the people using it. It’s the availability of the space that allows us to come together as a community and change the narrative of our neighborhood.

We advocate all the time, to anyone who will listen, a community space is essential for neighborhood revitalization. A place where residents can work together and find the resources to move their community forward.

We know we are beyond blessed to have this clubhouse. We can not thank the Evansville Parks Department and Brian Holtz enough for allowing us to continue to use this space to bring our community together!

If you are an organization that wants to help residents, help revitalize neighborhoods, or connect communities… start with a space they can call “home”. You’ll be surprised at what they will accomplish.

About the author: Lisa Barnett