Youth Program Assistant ages 11-16

Are you good with younger youth?

Are you thinking about a career that works with kids?

Do you want to learn what it takes to be a real leader?

Due to high demand from some of our youth, we are implementing a Program Assistant/ Central-City Youth Council specially designed for our youth between the ages of 11-16 years old. These youth will be primary assistants to our program directors, similar to an internship. Gain Leadership Experience by helping the younger youth with projects and activities. Become a positive role model for the younger youth to look up to in the program and in their community. Gain hands-on experience, learn about what it takes to be a successful leader, practice leadership skills, and start networking with people in upper positions around our city. You will also be a voice in the direction our youth program grows. Giving your input and ideas to ensure we are serving the youth in the best possible way.

These selected youth will also serve as a Central-City Youth Council. In this role you will be able to have a voice in the revitalization efforts in Tepe Park and in Central-City. You will be the voice for the youth in the area, expressing your ideas, thoughts, and perspectives to local and city leadership to help ensure we are making the right choices for the next generation.

So how does this benefit you personally you might be asking…

  • You can earn letters of recommendation for college, apprenticeships, and future jobs that will give you an edge on the competition.
  • The leadership, communication, and organization skills you will learn can be applied to any career or personal interaction to achieve success.
  • You will come to know personally many of our city, business, and industry leaders and they will know you. This is called networking and can be a huge advantage when it comes to finding a good job or getting into competitive programs. It can also be good on a personal level to have friends in a variety of areas. You are more likely to hear about all the little things going on or being planned that the general public are unaware of.
  • It allows you to be the person the younger youth look up to. So if you are tired of bullying, shootings/ violence, litter everywhere, being labeled because of how you look or where you come from, and more issues then I can list, then you can be the catalyst that changes that!

As a youth you have the strongest voice. You have the ability to change the world. It’s just about finding the right platform to use it. We can help provide you that.

If you are interested please contact one of our program directors for more details (see our contact section).

About the author: Lisa Barnett