Teen Leadership Workshop

Leadership Evansville, in partnership with the Southside Stars Youth Zone, held a Teen Leadership Workshop at the Tepe Park Clubhouse today. It was fantastic and we wanted to share some pictures and stories with all of you!

Leadership Evansville is an organization dedicated to providing our businesses, city leaders, and industry leaders the best Leadership training and development. Each class of these leaders gets to pick a project to do together to reinforce the lessons they learned and use them in the community. In order to choose their project they assess needs in the community, go learn about them, and pick one as a group.

This past winter our youth program, Southside Stars, had the honor to tell our story to this class. We talked about the needs of the youth in our community and what they were saying. How we started as just an every other Sat Art Program to engage the youth and have grown into the program launching this fall. We were ecstatic when they chose us!

The Leadership Evansville class of 2017 put a lot of thought and time to creating this workshop for our teens. They picked some wonderful and fun activities to get our youth thinking about key leadership skills such as: listening, observation, how we learn, and how that effects us as a team when you have different learners. I loved hearing the various side conversations with the youth and their comments on the various topics.

It was hugely insightful for us as program leaders as well! It gave us a different perspective of learning styles just besides the normal “I’m a visual learner” or “I learn by reading”. That exercise also gave us a more in-depth look at how our individual youth learn as well. This allows us to tailor the way our programming is delivered so each youth will learn in their highest capacity. Definitely some lessons we will be carrying forward in our other program areas!

By the end our youth were saying how much fun they had and asking when we would be doing it again. To me that is a win! Below are some pictures we wanted to share with everyone.

If you want to learn more about our programs this summer, browse our website, check out our calendar, and send us an email or call!

A HUGE thank you to all the youth, Leadership Evansville class, Lynn Miller Pease, and the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association for making today possible!!

About the author: Lisa Barnett